Why You Should Learn to Play the Violin

playing the violin

It is the desire of many people to learn and master how to play one or more musical instruments. It brings some sense of self-achievement and satisfaction, not to mention the joy in making great music pieces or playing in events to the bewilderment of many people. However, most probably, if you were asked to pick one instrument you would learn, the violin would be one of those you would choose.

While many people have some wrong assumptions that the violin is so hard to learn to play or expensive and others, this instrument has many benefits to those who play it. As you embark on learning it , you could check out the different violin for beginners to pick one or more to start you off.

Below are some of the top reasons why you need to learn how to play the violin:

Improving Social Skills

a boy playing the violinPlaying the violin plays a crucial role in enhancing social skills by offering opportunities for conversation, and young children also gain by developing self-discipline due to repeated practice. The kids and teens also feel great about themselves, thus boosting their self-confidence since they get something that they can control. Learning to play the instrument can build confidence in oneself, besides getting self-awareness and self-reliance. These attributes can make one likable and easy to adjust to different situations.

Relieving Stress and Negative Emotions

relieve stress and negative emotionsYou may not be aware, but playing the violin stimulates the release of hormones that make you happier. According to some studies, playing this amazing instrument could help relieve stress implying violinists are likely to experience lower stress levels of depression and anxiety.

It is also well known that music can help get individuals out of difficult feelings constructively and gently. Regardless of age, learning the violin or taking up any other hobby or skill with generous returns has positive effects.

Boosting Mental Ability and Memory

Many studies show that playing the violin and other instruments, even for a short duration like one year, positively affects the brain’s memory capacity. You stand to gain by enhancing your reading skills, attention span, and language processing. What’s more, according to research, children and teens who play the instrument have better visual and verbal abilities than their counterparts playing the other instruments. Moreover, violinists have bigger brains than the average person, and the parts connected to the left-hand movements are specifically responsive and sensitive. Playing the violin has also been observed to have a calming effect on children with psychological disorders.