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Types of Ukulele You Should Know

tenor ukulele

A Ukulele is basically a plucked string musical instrument, usually with 4 strings that can be doubled and resembles the shape of the guitar, although it is quite smaller. Its tuning and sound are peculiar, so it stands out a lot among other instruments.

tenor ukuleleGenerally made of wood, this is what gives it the resonance: German fir, mahogany, mango, koa, rosewood, cedar, monchorus, etc. You should also understand that there are many ukulele brands, so you should look for the right type. Popular brands include Luna, Mahalo, Kala, Cordoba, Amahi, Bamboo, Flight, and Ohana.

Types of Ukulele

The common types of Ukulele include Soprano, Concert, Tenor, and Baritone.


concert ukuleleThe soprano ukulele is the smallest and usually measures around 53cm. This size is usually considered the standard, and they are usually the cheapest. Its tuning is G, C, E, A (GCEA), which matches the four strings of a guitar with the nut on the 5th fret. Although the C is an octave lower than it should be, it has the highest sound.


The concert ukulele is the next size to the standard, about 58cm. It has more volume and depth of sound due to its greater soundboard. Many musicians prefer this size to the Soprano as it has more open frets, which makes it much easier to play.


ukulele instrumentWith the tenor ukulele, which is approximately 67cm in size, it brings even more comfort when playing, especially in techniques such as strumming or fingerpicking. With this size, you will enjoy even more volume and more bass. But it must be borne in mind that the tension of the strings is higher because of using steel strings in addition to the usual nylon ones. Its tuning is the same as in its smaller brothers but with the difference that the low string is the 4th (G) instead of the third.


Finally, the largest of all, the  Baritone Ukulele, which measures about 76cm. It is the one with the longest scale length. Its tuning is totally different from the rest of the ukuleles, and it is exactly the first four strings of the D, G, Si, E guitar. Its sound is somewhat different from the previous ones as it has a lower register.

You should therefore look for a good Ukulele that will help you bring out the best sound for quality music. The type of sound you need from them will guide you in choosing the right type.


Why You Should Learn to Play the Violin

playing the violin

It is the desire of many people to learn and master how to play one or more musical instruments. It brings some sense of self-achievement and satisfaction, not to mention the joy in making great music pieces or playing in events to the bewilderment of many people. However, most probably, if you were asked to pick one instrument you would learn, the violin would be one of those you would choose.

While many people have some wrong assumptions that the violin is so hard to learn to play or expensive and others, this instrument has many benefits to those who play it. As you embark on learning it , you could check out the different violin for beginners to pick one or more to start you off.

Below are some of the top reasons why you need to learn how to play the violin:

Improving Social Skills

a boy playing the violinPlaying the violin plays a crucial role in enhancing social skills by offering opportunities for conversation, and young children also gain by developing self-discipline due to repeated practice. The kids and teens also feel great about themselves, thus boosting their self-confidence since they get something that they can control. Learning to play the instrument can build confidence in oneself, besides getting self-awareness and self-reliance. These attributes can make one likable and easy to adjust to different situations.

Relieving Stress and Negative Emotions

relieve stress and negative emotionsYou may not be aware, but playing the violin stimulates the release of hormones that make you happier. According to some studies, playing this amazing instrument could help relieve stress implying violinists are likely to experience lower stress levels of depression and anxiety.

It is also well known that music can help get individuals out of difficult feelings constructively and gently. Regardless of age, learning the violin or taking up any other hobby or skill with generous returns has positive effects.

Boosting Mental Ability and Memory

Many studies show that playing the violin and other instruments, even for a short duration like one year, positively affects the brain’s memory capacity. You stand to gain by enhancing your reading skills, attention span, and language processing. What’s more, according to research, children and teens who play the instrument have better visual and verbal abilities than their counterparts playing the other instruments. Moreover, violinists have bigger brains than the average person, and the parts connected to the left-hand movements are specifically responsive and sensitive. Playing the violin has also been observed to have a calming effect on children with psychological disorders.


Three Interesting Ways to Enjoy Music on the Internet

listening to songs

Since the dawn of the internet, music has always been one of the popular files that are most circulated in the network. To be more specific, in 1999, Napster was the first platform that allowed internet users to access and share a large scale of music files. And it was not without challenges. Labels and musicians soon sued them for copyright infringements. What was supposed to be a breakthrough was considered as a copyright abuse by many. 

Today, it is the exact opposite. We can’t imagine listening to our music if not from our gadgets. Sure, tapes and CDs are still around, but they are only for hardcore fans. Today, we’ll discuss five ways you can enjoy music on the internet that may have never thought about before. 

Download Your Music for Free

wearing headphonesJust like Napster, there surely are copyright issues with downloading music files for free on the internet. But again, if seen from the user perspective, free music acts as a trial chance for listeners so that they can decide what is best for them before they pay for the music they listen to. And in that case, Mp3Direct should be a place for you to start out. It offers songs from the most popular artists of various genres, and the site is also safe. 

I almost forgot to tell that although downloading music for free from websites is very easy to do these days, you have to be extra careful. It is not uncommon to find fake links that trick you into downloading malware for your computer. 

Stream Your Music Legally

listening on spotifyIf Netflix is the place for you to stream movies legally, then there should be the same platforms for music, right? And the answer to that is absolutely a yes. Spotify, Deezer, YouTube Music, Bandcamp, and MusicUp are the places where you can stream songs from your favorite artists for free, but legally. There is an option for a premium subscription, of course. And it will free you from ads and song play restrictions. 

However, different platforms have different rules. On Spotify, you can listen to songs freely forever, but you will see ads played in between tracks. On Bandcamp, you can listen to the songs for a limited amount of time. After that, you can buy the track or the entire album, depending on how you like it. 

Watch this video to understand how streaming platforms can benefit artists:

Discover New Indie Artists

If you are into new music or artists with a new kind of beats, you can’t expect to find them in just any platforms, but SoundCloud. This streaming platform does not apply ads, so you don’t need to worry about getting annoyed by a sudden song pause or random song shuffle, but you have to realize that the platform does not pay the artists either. Nevertheless, many good indie artists use SoundCloud to promote their works. Bandcamp is also a great place to discover new artists, and it also provides you the chance to support the artists directly by buying their tracks, albums, or merchandise. This is exactly the perk of listening to music on the internet. No one dictates your music taste, and there are always new artists on your playlist! 


Tips to selecting a music teacher

singer on stage

If you have wished to enroll for music classes or study music for long and you have finally made a decision to do it, then you have made the right decision. Some music enthusiasts argue that the world could take some big steps forward regarding enlightenment and the level of happiness experienced if everyone knew something about music making.

That is why it is important that you get a good music teacher. Be it for yourself or your kids; it is an investment worth making as it may lead to you getting a lot more than what you thought by learning music. If you get a good music teacher, you may be surprised at how much you can dedicate a lot of your time and even money to realizing your passion.

Getting a good music teacher is want to as it will not only ensure that you learn all things that do with music but it will go a long way in boosting your self-confidence, stir the creativity that is in you and you will surely experience maximum enjoyment throughout the entire learning process. Follow the steps and tips that are given below, to ensure that you find and settle on the best music teacher.girl with guitar

Get recommendations

When you are out there searching for a music teacher, word of mouth recommendation is one of the best ways that you can get a good music teacher. If you know anybody who takes music classes, it is good that you inquire from them about their personal experience. You can always get recommendations for good teachers from music stores, churches or even schools. Additionally, you should know that most music stores usually offer private music lessons to those individuals who are interested, so be on the lookout for such opportunities. If the teacher that you are interested in will have a performance shortly, then be sure to attend it so that you can evaluate their level of skills.

Interview preparation

singing boyBy now you should have narrowed down potential candidates that you would want to work with. Ensure that you carry out a one on one interview. This is the best way that you can establish that they are the most suitable candidates for the job. Ensure that during the interview, you ascertain the techniques that they use in teaching, their educational merits, reputation and the work history that they have. Take all these factors into consideration before you make your final decision.

Compare rates

As it is with when you are making any transaction, you will get the service that you will pay for. Examine the rates that your prospective teacher is charging you. Be wary of a teacher who is willing to offer services at a very low rate as they are either inexperienced or have questionable credentials. This is not to say that you go for very expensive teachers but ensure that the teacher you settle for fits well within your budget. To ensure that you are paying the best rates, take into account the educational qualifications of the teacher, their background and the credentials that they possess.