Types of Entertainment Handles to Follow on Twitter


Twitter is a popular social networking platform with over 100 million daily active users. It is different from other social media platforms like Facebook in that you are likely to come across many posts. Twitter is a microblogging platform, and this is what keeps your timeline moving. Most companies are using it as a marketing tool because of how easy it is to reach out to a broader audience.

Twitter is also the best social networking site to keep up with news from across the world. Different users will always post happenings in their locationsTwitter has proved to be one of the best entertainment platforms. This is because of the content many share on the app. You will come across a lot of funny videos and posts.

A high number of memes doing rounds on other social networking platforms come from Twitter. Engaging with different users is also captivating because of features such as GIFs which you can use to make funny replies. The app has a live streaming option where people post different entertaining activities happening within their region. There are certain types of handles or accounts you should follow on Twitter if you want to get the best entertainment. They include:

Sports Handles

These are Twitter accounts for different sportsTwitter teams or clubs. Sport is an excellent form of entertainment for many. Following these handles will help you stay up to date on various sporting activities happening across the world. Most of them will post live updates like the scores of a game taking place during a particular period. You will also stay updated on other things like the state of certain players and the team.


The other people you should follow on Twitter if you want to stay entertained are comedians. Most comedians have handles on this particular platform. They will post skits and videos that are quite captivating. Some of their posts and engagements on Twitter can also leave you in laughter.


A high number of musicians have opened accounts on Twitter as compared to other platforms. Following your favorite musicians will keep you entertained. You can also get the latest updates of their music releases and tour dates. Make sure you are following a verified handle to get accurate updates.